SpytoMobile – Does It Actually Work?

The SpytoMobile software is a well done cell spy software that does work but after a short period of time I found that things were a little disappointing. I personally have used many different one’s and only a handful actually work.

SpytoMobile was easy to install, setup and use but when things stopped working I got very little help.

highster Mobile Main Home Page product boxI have recently been using the Highster Mobile software and it works out Cheaper and has about 2 times the number of features that spytomobile has.

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So, let me answer the big Question:

  • Q – Can I get SpytoMobile For FREE?
  • A – With Spy2Mobile you actually get the entire app completely Free but the costs lie in the features. In general you choose what features you want and only pay when you need them. They can be as low as 5c per day plus you get $3 to test the features when you first download the spy app.

Spytomobile – Does Spy to mobile Really Work?. Because SpytoMobile is not over done with features and complicated functions it works every time.

To explain briefly how this software works I have put a quick guide below for you to check out.

How To Get Started Using SpyToMobile?

Step 1 – Install the software onto the target phone and not your own phone. The cell spy app will then begin to intercept incoming and outgoing text messages, call history and all the contacts on the target phone.

The SpyToMobile app will then begin to upload all the data that it has retrieved onto your private and password protect account.

Step 2 – For the SpytoMobile app to start uploading the data to your personal account the cell phone that you are targeting must periodically connect to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi.

All the data is then stored on SpyToMobile servers and is available 24/7 from your account.

Step 3 –  Now to actually retrieve the data and see what’s been collected you will need to sign in to your personal account. Once you sign in then you will be able to navigate around your account and view the data that has been collected by the cell spy software.

The account that you will get is very user friendly and easy to get around which is another reason why this software is so popular.

Below is a few testimonials from other customers who have used this software and feel that is well worth the very small investment.

I have a 14-year-old daughter who I was very concerned about. It’s very easy for teenagers to fall into bad company at her age. But now I have been using the SpytoMobile software I know exactly where she is. Thank you for the great app!

Not to long ago I got really nervous and thought that my fiancée may have started to contact her ex-boyfriend. I was quite happy to find that it was all in my imagination, I would have went on thinking this and maybe destroying my relationship but SpyToMobile helped me to figure out that I had nothing to worry about. I don’t worry about it now, but I know that I can always check on her.

SpytoMobile is a really great cell spy app. I have installed it on the target cell. So I can keep all the data from the cell in my account. That’s great!!

spytomobileSo as you can see from my own personal experience using this spy app and from the few testimonials above that SpytoMobile really does work and works well.

Although I did find that the service had some glitches that started to pop up after using for a few weeks but these were soon fixed by the company and since the latest releases there has been zero issues.

If you want peace of mind then I recommend you hit the link below and head to the official Spytomobile site and see what it can do for you.

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SpytoMobile Cell Spy Software Features

Okay in this section of the SpytoMobile review I will be covering all of the features that come with this mobile phone monitoring software. Spy to Mobile which is much cheaper than a lot of the other software’s available comes with just the basic and most essential features that you will require.

I have put a list below stating all of the features that are included and you will see a basic description on each one next to it. See below for the full list of features:

Spy To Mobile Features

  • Text Message Spying – You can see what text messages have been sent and received by the target phone. You will see the actual message and details like time it was sent and the number or contact it was sent to or received from.

This feature is a very powerful feature and is one of the most used one’s of all. It doesn’t matter if the text message is deleted or not you will still get all the details sent straight to your personal secure account.

  • GPS Location Tracking – This feature is my personal favorite, you can see live the location of the target phone on a Google map and it’s very accurate.

It’s all in real time so there is no delay from whee the phone is and what you see on your personal account.

  • Call Spying – With this feature you can see the name or number of the person that the target phone has called. This works for both outgoing and incoming calls, it includes all the details like the time the call was made or received.

It also shows you the number or contact name of the person that has been called or who has called the target phone. You will also see the duration time of the call as well.

  • Contact Lists – With SpytoMobile you will have access to the target phone’s contact lists and details. You can see the name of the people on the target phone including there numbers, emails and other details recorded.

It’s will tell you the date and time it was added to the contact list as well.

  • Whats App – With this feature you can see what apps have been accessed or downloaded to the target phone.

This includes all information and a description of the App plus the day and time it was downloaded and when the app is being used.

So as you can clearly see from the list above Spy to Mobile comes with the main features that you would need to get to the truth. Whether you suspect your spouse of cheating or your a parent that needs to keep a closer eye on their teenagers, SpytoMobile has all the features for every situation.

I personally loved to use the GPS tracking feature and the Text message spying features as both of these were able to help me greatly with my circumstance.

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Who Needs To Use SpytoMobile?

In general basically anyone could have a reason to use the spytomobile software. If a personal for whatever reason needs to get to the truth or spy on a particular person then this software is for them.

There is however a few more specific groups of people that would benefit more form using this phone monitoring system. Below I have listed them for you in the order of the apparent popularity and usefulness that this spy software offers them.

Catch A Cheating Spouse

Well this is the obvious one, catching a cheating spouse is the no 1 reason why a person would use the spytomobile software. Because of all it’s features and the obvious need to get to the truth the spytomobile software has proven to be most popular amongst this group of people.

Being able to see who there spouse or partner is calling, spy on there text message, locate them via a GPS tracker and much much more makes it really easy to catch a cheater red handed.

One of the most important things about this spy software for this group of people is that it’s completely undetectable which make it safe to use and there is no way of being caught spying. If it was not undetecable then the software would be useless as getting caught could result in a very dangerous situation depending upon the persons reaction after finding out. Be assure that Spytomobile is 100% Undetectable.

Parents Monitoring Their Teens

This is another very popular use and the reason why I got and use this software. Because of all it’s features and once again it being undetectable it has proven to be a life saver for many parent including myself.

In this day and age with all the technology around and just about every teenager having a smartphone they tend to have much more independence when it comes to who they talk to and how they get away with things these days.

So I personally feel that with the features that come with this software I would have had no luck at all or even known about many circumstances that I have otherwise been able to divert to keep my kids out of danger. There has been many reports both online and off about teen stalkers and the trouble they get into because of there phones, facebook, texting and the people they choose to be their friends with. SpytoMobile enable you to have complete control over how your teens get brought up.

Employers Monitoring Company Phone Use

Many companies out there give there new employees a company phone these days and it is very common in many industries especially those where the worker has to work in an independent role. Unfortunately many of the people that are privileged to a phone and all of it’s expenses paid for take this for granted and call friends and family on a constant basis.

This software give the employer the opportunity to weed out the unfaithful and bad employees amongst there workforce. Being able to track the phone location has proven itself to be very handy for courier companies and delivery service that need to stick to a time line for deliveries. These companies can’t afford for their employees to be heading to the pub twice a day or in between deliveries. So Spytomobile does actually improve the companies workforce and bottom line.

So overall the 3 groups of people that I have described above are the most common and seem to be the majority of the situations that use the SpytoMobile software. In saying that there is no reason why others who may need it for a different reason wouldn’t benefit greatly from using this cell spy software.


How To Install SpytoMobile

In this section I will be explaining how you go about installing this software and get it up and running. Out of all the monitoring software available I found that spytomobile was one of the easiest to install and use.

SpytoMobile Installation Instructions. Below is a quick step by step guide on how to install it.

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to go to http://spytomobile.org/spytomobileapp and click on the tab at the top of the screen that says sign up. You will be directed to a page where you can create your account. (Note: Putting the software on the phone is completely FREE but will cost you like $1 per day as long as you continue to use it.) You can click on the tab at the top of there official site that says Price to see the exact costs involved.
  2. You will then need to get hold of the target phone you wish to spy on and go to the phones web browser. Type in http://spy2mobile.com/d then continue to follow the step below.
  3. You will then need to select install from Spytomobile.com
  4. Then go to the target phones downloads section and select the Data_backup.apk download. (Note: After you have completely installed and activated spytomobile you should come back to the downloads section and delete all trace of the download.)
  5. Then the next thing to do is to allow the data backup apk to run. To do this you simply place the widget on the target phones screen. You can see how this is done in the video above. (Note: Don’t worry because after the widget has been added to the screen it will disappear so it can monitor silently and undetected.)
  6. To give you a basic rundown on how to add a widget to the screen for an android phone and remember each phone type is different but you can simply Google it if you get stuck. For the android just tap on an empty space on the screen and select the add widget button then just select the widget Data backup.
  7. After that you will need to authorize and register the app. To do this just enter your email address. You will then receive your private password in an email. (Note: It’s a good idea to delete the email that is sent to you so there is no trace of you getting this app at all.)
  8. The last thing will be you will get asked if you would like to activate the new feature which is the Anti theft feature. ( This is a great idea and recommend)
  9. Finished – now the spytomobile app is installed and undetectable plus in the process you have now got a private spy2mobile account setup. This is where you go to view the data that has been collected.
  10. To check out what is being collected go to http://spytomobile.com and you will see a section in the top right hand corner where you can log into your account.

So that’s it I hope that I have put enough detail in so you will have no trouble at all setting it up. Remember that if you get stuck you can always contact the spytomobile support team and they will help you out with any questions or problems you may be having.

Negatives With SpytoMobile

There were really very few negatives to go over but I thought I should add in both the good and the bad stuff about SpytoMobile. You will see that below I have listed a couple of things that did disappoint me about this cell monitoring software spytomobile.

Remember that the two things below are things that I personally found annoying about the cell spy software and they may not even bother you at all.

  • Support – The support was a little disappointing as it took them quite a while to get back to me with an answer to my question. The actual support they did give me was quite good when I eventually got the answer. I guess the wait time was quite understandable due to the large number of client that they have.
  • Live Call Spying – Unfortunately you can’t actually listen in on the calls that are happening live which I did find a little disappointing as well. You can however see who’s calling or been called, when they called or were called and the duration of the call but that’s all.

So as you can see the two complaints I have are not that much of a bid deal and not really worth winging about really. The support factor is really very minor as I only needed to contact them once for help as the software is so easy to install, setup and use.

Positives With SpyToMobile

Well I could go on for ages about the positives with spytomobile as I loved the software and using it was so simple. To keep it as short as possible and really give you a clear view I will just list the good stuff that I personally loved about SpytoMobile.

I have written a list below of all those things that I liked plus a brief description and explanation next to them. See below:

  • Undetectable – One of the first things that I loved about Spytomobile was that it’s completely undetectable. This is a must for any good cell spy software, if it’s not undetectable then it’s useless.
  • Phone Compatibility – This cell monitoring software is so universal that it works with almost every type of phone available. As long as the phone you wish to target has the ability to connect to the internet then your good to go.
  • Text Message Spying – I loved having the ability to check all text messages both incoming and outgoing. You will also get the number it was sent to or received from plus the time it was sent.
  • The Cost – The Spytomobile software is by far the cheapest cell spy software available which makes it great for anybody on a budget. It also won’t show anything obvious on your paypal or credit card account statement so no one will know you got it.
  • Amount Of Phones – Another great thing was that you can spy on as many cell phones as you like with just the one account. This is great for parents with more than on child that you wish to monitor. It’s also great for employers that give out multiple cell phones to there employees and wish to keep track of there movement and the phone use.
  • GPS Tracking – I absolutely loved this feature, it probably is the most useful feature of them all. Getting an exact real time location via a Google map was extremely helpful for me when it came to keeping track of my teenage daughter.
  • Ease Of Use – I found this cell spy software the easiest to install and use out of all of the other phone monitoring software’s that I’ve tried.

So I’ll stop there because I could really just go on and on but as you can see there are plenty of positives with the Spytomobile software. Okay now that I have been through the features on th eSpy to mobile software I recently have been testing another one that has so many more features than this software. It’s called Highster Mobile and it’s actually cheaper to get and cost’s nothing after the first investment. So I would really check out all it’s features on the link below.

It has helped me so much with my personal situation that it really made writing this section of the spytomobile review a breeze and quite enjoyable.

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Is SpytoMobile Undetectable?

As I mentioned in the section on the positive things about spytomobile the answer is yes. Spytomobile is completely undetectable.

If you follow the instructions that are supplied then every aspect and feature will be hidden. So this means that when you are monitoring the phone’s text messages, calls, GPS location or any of the other features the person that you are spying on will be completely unaware.

Some of the other programs out there hide everything but when you are spying it really drains the target phone’s battery which can be a sure giveaway. SpytoMobile does not affect the battery or any other function of the target phone at all.

Yes to clarify SpytoMobile is 100% totally and utterly completely undetectable, I’m pretty sure that I have made that clear. I even went to the trouble of installing it on another phone I have and checked for myself whether you could discover the features running on the phone and I couldn’t even find a trace of it even when I knew that spytomobile was on there.

My Final Say On SpytoMobile

After using Spytomobile for some time I can happily say with confidence that this cell spy software works like a charm.

Whatever your situation may be I would recommend you give spytomobile a try. It’s very cheap to use, easy to install and setup and gathering the data that the software collects is a breeze. So to conclude if you consider all the other spy software’s available and remember that I have tried a fair few of which only 2 or 3 actually worked.

If you are on a budget and don’t won’t to take a risk trying every software out there I guarantee spytomobile is a sure bet.

In case you need a reminder this software is completely undetectable and totally safe when it comes to the person you are monitoring finding out. Give spytomobile a try.

Before you don’t forget to check out the latest cell spy phone monitoring app that I have been testing.

I found it to be cheaper than Spytomobile and easier to use but the best part is that it came with twice as many features so If I had to recommend one I would be crazy not to tell you to at least check out the Highster Mobile Software.

You can learn more about it by following the link below:

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